Vacations, day trips and unique places

My name is Amy and I live in Maine. I love to find new and exciting places to visit. My posts will be highlighting places that are worth a visit.•

  • Cliff Walk Newport RI
    This walk is 3.5 miles one way. You can turn around and backtrack your way back, or you can take the road back. I always take the road back to…More
  • Diana’s Bath, New Hampshire
    This short hike is only about two and a half miles from North Conway. This is a very easy walk in the woods that is handicapped and stroller accessible. This…More
  • Kancamagus Highway New Hamshire
    Kancumagus highway is a must-see in the fall. The views are breathtaking, as you take in the mountain range that is covered with a variety of colors. Kancumagus highway is…More
  • City of Rocks National Reserve
    This 14500-acre was established in 1988. It is a protected national natural landmark. Wagon trains in 1840-1850 traveled in this area. Nearly a quarter-million people made there way across this…More
  • Lascaux Cave, France
    This cave has some of the most famous examples of prehistoric cave paintings. There are 600 paintings, most of which is animals on the interior walls. 1400 engravings that date…More
  • Bolt Castle, Alexandria Bay, NY
    This magnificent castle sits on an island that was once part of a romantic dream a man had for his wife. George Boldt had this castle built as a gift…More
  • Block Island
    Definitely need to go to Mohegan Bluffs. This is a two-hundred-foot cliff with amazing views, with stunning turquoise water. There are 140 steps to get to the beach from the…More
  • Sheep Eater Cliff, Yellowstone
    The sheep eater cliff is made up of columnar basalt deposited by lava flow. The cliffs are known as columnar basalt because of the hexagonal fracture lines that formed when…More
  • Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone
    Morning Glory Pool use to be visited by stagecoach and now cars. You are longer allowed to park right at the pool. Now a days a short hike is needed…More
  • Redwoods National Park
    This park has the largest trees in the world. In the 1800’s the beautiful Redwood trees were being axed down to help support settlers build shelter and stay warm. When…More

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